Company History

C Ahead Technologies known as C Ahead was established on 25th August of 2004 by IT Technocrats in Bangalore – India. C Ahead was built on strong ethos of business values, delivery excellence, investment recognition and progress for all stakeholders.

C Ahead in its initial years, offered business and technical services to clients in USA, APAC and India, by strongly believing that, as a team we can make the difference to client's environment by understanding  their business challenges well and merging our experience and knowledge of technology solutions in simplifying  business for mutual success. C Ahead has been continually focused in delivering to promises and respecting every relationship that has trusted us.

C Ahead always looked at emerging markets and technologies in building the company and strategically ventured in South Africa/African markets and been there ever since 2006 in delivering best of both to its clients i.e technology excellence and cost benefits. Being an Indo-Africa-Middle Eastern company, it leverages great relationships, cost effective delivery and deep focus in these markets for its customer needs, enabling C Ahead to be one of the prominent player for ICT business.

C Ahead has completed 12 successful years in business now, having seen the best and challenging days of IT industry, C Ahead today enjoys big community of trusted customers, employees, partners and vendors – giving it a strong ecosystem to leap to the next growth level.

We thank everyone who has been part of this beautiful journey of 12 years and appreciate every single contribution to date. We hope to get similar support and are ready to take up our new challenge for next year. 

Thank you for reading and look forward to your support.

Best Regards