Teradata Consulting


The client, is part of the African Bank Investments Limited (ABIL) a bank controlling company. A publically listed company on the JSE it is a specialist Credit Bank and Retail Service to all the people in South Africa. A Market leader in the provision of unsecured credit, furniture and household goods its Total advances – In excess of R29 billion and has an Active client base – In excess of 2.3 million. 


The bank felt the need to go beyond decisions based on volume, client retention or interest rates. It had the BI strategy but was not informed enough to choose the right BI tool which will help it drive profitability. It was a daunting task to manage customer expectations, and offer unique products/services to different segments of the banking customers. It wanted to strengthen its offerings on personal loans, deposits and credit cards. They were keen on a solution which had to be from a reputed BI brand and also carrying banking domain customization features. 


Our BI architects at C Ahead, held several key white board sessions to determine the critical factors of success that the bank wanted to focus on. Careful mapping of business process was the first step towards recommendations on types of Dashboards, Scorecards, Ad-hoc reports on the Teradata platform that could provide access to daily promotional sales data; market basket analysis capabilities; forecasting and model simulation of incremental sales; pricing optimization reports by region; price competitiveness analytics and brand analysis such as comparisons by brand, brand manager, margins etc. These strategic recommendations for the BI strategy, which included the type of BI tool and implementation partner, were to be realized over the next 2 years to signature the true benefits of IT enablement. Teradata best practices were followed in the implementation process. Aspects like contract profitability at branch level and analysis of direct and indirect costs of servicing each client, profitability of segments and channels and many more became possible. 


  • Enables a clear visibility into business processes and planning
  • Empowers middle management to take quick and effective decisions
  • Lowered expenses due to focused investments into profitable segments of business
  • Strengthen and accelerate growth and performance, explore new business growth opportunities
  • Increased ROI from use of tools like Teradata Value Analyzer, Teradata CRM was high


C Ahead provided the following expertise to successfully complete the project:
  • L5 /L4 – Java, Web methods, CAF Team provided.
  • Web Methods 8.2, Developer, Integration Server, web methods broker, my web methods server, BPM , web services and CAF.
  • High Level Teradata Architects and BI Developers