Big Data

It has been a well-known practice of successful companies to use dynamic business analytics based real-time predictive analytics technologies. With the increasing demands of data management, the proper volumes of external and internal data can favor the business with higher predictability and several benefits. It is in the best interest of a company to use big data as it enables better analysis of operations, better customer service, external, and internal data management.

We make it easy for our customers by combining strength, process, technology, and industry to provide the best service with emerging application providers like SAP, Oracle, etc. and transformation of data into your decisions.

With our experts, specialized in proprietary platforms and open source, we especially focus on Big Data and data science platforms. Our company shares the implementation experience we acquired in complex environments in presence of 1000+ node clusters and production scale data in a petabyte.

Our services include pre-packaged frameworks and tools that provide evaluations of technology, proper lab facilities using Hadoop clusters, data appliances for proof of concepts, and in-memory computing facilities. It is our specialty to provide accelerators and solutions on BIG Data platforms.

Our value-added services and solutions around Big Data Platforms generally cover:

  • Consulting regarding Business and Architecture
  • Solution of Engineering on the Big Data Platforms
  • Proper operation and monitoring of all Big Data Platforms
  • Enterprise Transformations
  • Analytics Services and Data Discovery


  • Social Media Analytics: All the social network or link analysis that is integrated feedback for , Sentiments, Campaign Analysis, New Products, buying etcetera.
  • Machine and Device Data Analytics: It includes known event sequence analysis and error predictions of device models and types and that work best together in order to discover patterns. By Intelligence based on the monitoring of devices, usage optimization, and product recommendation the improvement and failure levels are completely evaluated.
  • Performance & Optimization measurement: The immense amounts of tower-generated data of telecom cell towers and predictions of the bandwidth are one of the most common services asked by the customers. This data can be used for analyzing the health of the network, the strength of signals at the time of the most proper allocating bandwidth based on traffic, drop call,regional distribution, monitoring of Network usage etc.
  • Fraud & Surveillance Analytics: It is of immense importance to figure out fraud crimes much sooner than other means, uncovering false attempts to open accounts, policies, transactions, or the lines of credit. Our main objective is to uncover potential financial crimes fast and accurately by a 720-degree view of internal and external data, including details of even transaction-level. It deals with identifying the prominent crime rings and changes in fraud patterns through strongly linked adaptive models along with all the fuzzy matching techniques.


As the business requirements of companies are increasing, Big Data Analytics is also increasing as an emerging field. In order to create an impactful customer proposition, it is essential to understand the behavior of our customers, their needs and also product lifecycle/ service lifecycle. Subsequently, linking this data with past behavior and current operational transactions.

To generate customer insights, we help you to benefit from our customer data regarding their preferences, needs, feedbacks, purchase patterns etc.

We help you through our Big Data Analytics service in following ways:

  • Enable an outstanding customer experience in lifecycle, channels, products
  • Retention of customer and its improvement
  • Through cross-sale increase in profitability by improved customer targeting
  • New products development
  • Valuing and enhancing customer lifetime experience

By putting analytic data in place for processes, visualizations and coherently, by enabling quicker time to get insights, and to trust, improving the reliability and quality of information through exploratory and self-learning models. It is known that data-driven decisions prove better outcome of business and we enable our customers until they are satisfied with our services. 

Differentiating features of our offering include:

  • Analytics Platform andIntegrated Data that is cloud-based
  • Typically analytics-based approaches of exploration and Data Discovery
  • For comparatively better decision making,  predictive and prescriptive models
  • For better behavioral aspects of decision making,building  on a machine learning mechanism

The underlying concept of our customer service is the utilization of data events that produce logical and semantic information guided by rules or patterns for identifying events of importance. Undoubtedly, these Analytics platform employs data layer as the engine driving this service.

The sequential details of the Big Data Analytics platform:
In order to build design tailored communications and proactive offers internal and external data sources, we make our platform work with external data sources.

Accordingly, our very critical service includes the development of targeted campaigns and communication strategies for keeping up your customers. A radio channel is also employed to reach them through the direct call, email, mobile SMS etc.

Industry-Focused Use Cases:
Financial Services and their Actionable insights (Industry applicability: Retail Banking and Insurance wealth Management): In order to offer components on data integration, general data management and a cascade of analytical applications (rules, models, dashboards, and KPIs); we span the solution through multiple financial data domains. Especially, in areas of customer longevity, risk analysis, segmentation, mostly used voice analytics, and pricing. Improving customer retention and decreasing time to market.
Actionable Insights for CPG and Retail: This is an indigenous set of analytical applications especially for retailers focusing on the the real-time offering, multiple channel marketing, or new market introduction. It encompasses other applications due to its unique set of features being workable insights exclusively for lead generation typically using third-party data and CRM data, and also the utilization of open source data.