Contingent WFM

CAhead offers Contingent Workforce Model that foster innovation, flexibility and accentuate the proficiency. Under this Model, the clients optimally use contingent labor and workforce in order to improve operational efficiency and productivity. We help you fulfill your requirements and sustain operational consistency. Our wide range of MSP solutions comprise of the following:-

  • Programme analysis and design
  • Process Review and Engineering
  • Supply Base Management and maximization
  • Implementation and Change Management
  • VMS consultation, recommendation and Partner Management
  • Market Rate Analysis
  • Active Cost Management
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Performance Management via best practices
  • Strategic Program Oversight

Our approach involves bringing together best features and practices from all our successfully designed programs, which helps in rendering higher visibility business intelligence. Our solutions guarantee quality and are far better than usual MSP offered by other competitors. We develop innovative portfolio that comprise of services that match the needs of the clients, for instance, an integrated service portfolio of payroll, independent contractor compliance and statement of work.
Our work as MSP partner involve understanding your needs and culture, analysis of your existing operations and then, developing an integrated solution that fits well for the betterment of your organization. Our aim is to design, create and implement a complete and result-orienting solution that can strengthen your existing systems and processes for recruiting managers, supplier or contractors. Our Contingent WFM is extremely effective in streamlining your business processes and building your own competent workforce and complete supply chain.