Sage X3 Modules

Sage X3 is business software which provides integrated and rich functionality to manage all the business processes with less resources and IT investment.

  • Finance SAGE X3: To Manage Finance– It covers personnel, financial, budget and cost accounting, fixed assets and commitments. Along with it, Sage X3 manages transfers in different countries and between headquarters and subsidiaries. Real-world global vision is supported by flexible account structure (multi chart of accounts and multi-ledger) while meeting the needs of local operations.
  • Acquiring Sage X3: To Manage Suppliers– This ERP can effortlessly manage the buying process of the business from start to end, from RFQs management to follow-up and input of replies, and purchase price list integration.
  • Accelerating Sales with Sage X3 – It provides easy and quick access to price lists, information in products, discounts, and carriers. Businesses can book orders, issue quotations to customers, manage contracts, transmit acknowledgements, allocate and view goods from stock, and manage loan and dispatch of goods, before invoicing.
  • Sage X3 for Customer Service and Satisfaction – Exceptional customer service to satisfy your customers. It features full integration with inventory, sales, finance, purchasing, and manufacturing with 360 Degree knowledge of customer activities, within one corporate management system.
  • Improve Production Planning with Sage X3 manufacturing– Market your business quickly and manage all your manufacturing operations with a comprehensive system. Sage X3 has support for scheduling, planning, and production control for both discrete and process manufacturing. It is flexible to meet your mixed or unique manufacturing needs.
  • Optimize Stock with Inventory Sage X3 – Now you can stay up-to-date with growing demands and ensure proper efficiency by keeping track of inventory in real time. One can configure inventory control with Sage X3 on site (multi-warehouse, multi-site, and multi-location management). You can incorporate control operations while keeping track of amount of stock and serial numbers and lot in real time, both downstream and upstream, using material flow management.
  • Increase Cooperation with MS Office Integration and Document Management – Sage X3 is designed to increase cooperation and efficiency of your team by integrating workflow of document in a coherent, single, and searchable library. It is completely supported with MS Office suite.  
  • Get Detailed Insights with Business Analysis and Reporting in Sage X3 –Provide all the detailed information to your team they need to make smarter and faster decisions. Real-time alerts, analytics, and notifications to empower each role in the company to respond well to the ever-changing business scenarios. 
  • Better Efficiency with Role Based Office –Enable users increase their productivity, usability, productivity, and availability of software themselves with improved access to their data between and within various job roles and departments.