SAP HANA Offerings

With SAP Business Warehouse powered by HANA, we upgrade and migrate the existing BW landscape and optimize data flows and storage strategies for faster results

Financial planning or supply chain planning. Design fast performing and detailed planning scenarios,while leveraging HANA as a part of SAP BI-IP, SAP BPC or APO implementations

Fast deployment of HANA live view for operational reporting , reducing the need for ABAP

With Business Suite on HANA you can use the power of HANA, for example, ERP, CRM or SCM processes


Our SAP HANA offerings help you leverage data in real time to become more agile:

1. S/4HANA: Linking SAP HANA’s lightning-fast analytics with transactions onto one single platform, S/4HANA leads to smarter innovations, faster processes, and simpler interactions. It allows you to gather and process data while applying it to consecutive business processes in real-time for a streamlined IT landscape and reduced total cost of ownership.
2. SAP Simple Finance: SAP Simple Finance (also referred to as the SAP S/4 HANA Finance) is the latest of SAP’s finance offerings, running on an SAP HANA platform. Simple Finance running on HANA (SAP In-Memory database) is a radical change of SAP’s FICO architecture, and addresses finance, and accounting challenges. It integrates fully with an organization’s existing finance application, enabling fundamental re-engineering and simplification of financial processes.
C Ahead has developed a pre-configured solution, a demonstrable application on cloud, and numerous solution artifacts covering different business and system architecture scenarios to help clients accelerate implementation.


  • Pre-configured and fully tested solution based on SAP best practices. Our Industry-specific solution offerings help in substantial reduction of overall implementation timelines.
  • Instant Fiori with HANA views adapted to the client organization structure and master data, for rapid implementation of over 100 analytical and transactional apps.
  • Infosys account-based COPA Designer tool for rapid migration to account-based COPA
  • Flexible deployment options with private cloud and on premise offerings.
  • Flexible planning and reporting enabled with slice- and dice-based Excel workbooks, with embedded Business Intelligence (BI) in employee care center (ECC).

3. SAP HANA Accelerated Migration Factory: SAP HANA Accelerated Migration Factory supports all phases of a migration to SAP HANA, from assessments through launch

SAP HANA Accelerated Migration Factory solution reduces SAP HANA migration time and delivers real business value through four distinct methods:

  • Assessment: includes a readiness check, add-on analysis and custom code analysis for Unicode, upgrade, SAP HANA code compliance & optimization
  • Technical migration: provides an accelerated technical migration (including Unicode conversion and upgrade if necessary) and mandatory code adaptation for SAP HANA code compliance
  • Code Optimization: offers code optimization to maximize the benefits of the of  SAP Business Suite migration to SAP HANA
  • Code Redevelopment: offers re-designing and development of solutions based on SAP HANA platform to derive most value of SAP HANA adoption.

4. SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse (BW) on SAP HANA: Secure, cost-effective migrations from SAP NetWeaver (BW). AP BW experience with our SAP HANA-specific expertise and leveraged

Our global Center of Excellence distributed delivery model, which allows you benefit from our onshore and offshore capability, according to your needs. Our priority lies firmly in minimizing risk and disruption to the business during such a shift, and every element of our Migration Solution is designed to ensure this.

  • Fast: By employing C Ahead’s  BI-D&T’ migration framework, tested Methodologies, and proprietary accelerators, we are able to lower the migration time by up to 60%, compared to traditional approaches.
  • Flexible: With our global Center of Excellence Delivery Model, you benefit from the best of our qualified SAP HANA experts, both onshore and offshore.
  • Rigorous: As leaders in testing, we prioritize testing, with comprehensive test cases and 3rd party interfaces, both before and after migration.
  • Risk-minimized: Our approach includes pre-emptive drills, emulating a realistic upgrade using a fresh copy of your production systems, interfaces, and access