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We provide complete services and solutions to our customers to help them innovate their business, services, and products.

Strategy and Consulting

In this era, social media is the best way to expand your business and develop social media strategies to help companies expand through the medium of social business.

Community Solutions

We equip self-regulating communities for swift collaboration. This leads to insightful conversations that benefit your business by increasing sales, fostering product innovation, and spreading your business.

Enterprise Social Integration

Enable and employ social concepts for an engaged and connected workforce. Avoid siloed departments and create an operationally cost-efficient organization.

Corporate Reputation and Compliance

It is important to gain control over communication through social media and so we enable this for our customers. It helps your business by mitigating all the risks related to your business, stakeholders, and reputation in the market.

Integrated Social Mobile, Analytics and Cloud

The integration of arising technologies- SOCIAL, MOBILE, ANALYTICS, and CLOUD has empowered the imagination of aspiring innovators in various organizations. SMAC enables your business to innovate, access better insights, be more productive, create new services and also stay totally relevant. Despite the immense potential of SMAC, companies have still been unable to benefit from it. They have been unable to take advantage from the SMAC bundles that globally spread and disparate business platforms. It is important to understand the SMAC-ecosystem that makes is essential for the companies to pair with technology partners that understand the intricate network of the SMAC-ecosystem.

Our SMAC services offer solutions and frameworks that help to benefit from these emerging technologies through our vastly distributed business platforms.

The Key features of the framework are:

  • API Controlling: Enables service mediation in the growing API Economy and Omni-channel.
  • Complex Event Processing (CEP): Enables sense and respond ability of business processes.
  • Cloud Integration: For the rapidly increasing data storage needs of companies, it provides flexible and cost efficient public, private, and Hybrid Cloud solutions for applications.
  • Avoids Latency: It provides easy access to avoid delay in getting the desired output in real-time business tasks.
  • Internet-scale Messaging: Internet of things (IoT) is focused on meeting its increasing needs.
  • Accessible Partner Connections: Enables managed file transfer and B2B integration.
  • SOA: The changing integration needs are managed.

Our service helps apply SMAC technologies to drive innovation, create new capabilities, transform operations, increase customer satisfaction and boost efficiencies.

Advisory Services:

  • The Integration Roadmap along with SMAC Business Case
  • Architecture Definition leading to Platform set-up
  • Product fitment, improvement, and selection.

Implementation Services:

  • Development of API
  • Insights to Cloud Integration
  • Internet scale Messaging and subsequent layer Implementation
  • The implementation of CEP or In-memory

Managed Services:

  • The integration platforms and theirSupport & Maintenance services
  • Enabled API Management
  • The (CIP) Cloud Integration Platform
  • And the CEP platform
  • Also the Messaging Platform
  • Questions And Answers Testing

Application Development

Today it is the top most priority of customers to obtain super-connectivity, real-time customization, and immense personalization. This directly affects the choice of technology partners made by companies, their demands, and development of application landscape. In this era of emerging technologies, the development of pure-play applications is now considered as an old norm because new technologies like SMAC, open source tools, automation, packaged solutions have increased the requirements of companies for technology partners that can create systems and at the same time engage with them as their business partners to develop their business.

We understand the business needs of our customers and deliver the next generation applications to meet their requirements and enable them to march ahead of the existing competition. Besides taking advantage of the emerging technologies, we also promise to help you keep your standards high with new trends and achieve dynamic and versatile business objectives including:

  • Improved business value and IT application development using Infosys Global Agile and DevOps.
  • Technology distinction through acquired automation, perpetual delivery, applicational modernization, and SMAC
  • Improved cost optimization by reduced cost and increased quality with Infosys accelerators and IPs

C Ahead Agile

Helps address emerging business requirements by fast delivering business value through the IT applications. Our experienced IT technologists help you to execute all the agile projects from different locations and give high-quality applications that are also cost effective.

C Ahead DevOps

Upgraded speed, reliability, and quality of IT applications by employing Infosys DevOps. It regulates technology innovation especially for no-touch automation to provide progressive transformation of processes to help speed up DevOps adoption.


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