Prism Balance Of Payments (BOPCUS)


The client,, has a 150-year history in South Africa and started building a franchise in the rest of Africa in the early 1990s. It currently operates in 18 countries on the African continent, including South Africa, as well as in other selected emerging markets. To achieve this goal the Bank Group Operations has decided to move this development from an in-house function to out-sourced operation. 


The Bank is responsible for providing the international payment services for the Bank at large. The application known as Prism has been developed by an in-house team to fulfill this function. The Bank Group Operations would like that the development of the future releases of Prism be expedited with the aim of reducing complexity and cost, creating efficiencies and having a scalable development workforce. The provision of business architecture and development services to the Group Operations Technology for the balance of payments (BOP) functionality for the PRISM solution. The envisaged functionality is more than an integration application but one that lends itself to being scalable enough to support an enterprise implementation fit for use by Group Operations Technology and their users 


  • C Ahead has a firm understanding of the current solution, methodologies, challenges, constraints, implementation, scope and project governance of the existing solution.
  • C Ahead has developed a solution and implementation methodology (GSDI) based on best practice standards like International Standards Organization (ISO 12207).
  • The C Ahead SDI methodology covers the major items of the overall program for development and implementation of the solution required by Group Operations Technology.
  • The solution reduced the cost of ownership and services over a period of time whilst providing value, an enhanced customer experience and facilitating competitive advantage.
  • C Ahead had access to a wide array of highly skilled individuals particularly in the Java Spring competency area and as such this signals the hallmarks of success for both C Ahead and the Bank Group Operations Technology.
  • The Problem Analysis and Requirements Analysis aligns to the Blueprint and BRS Phase, the Logical Design, Application Architecture & Integration and Physical Sub-System Design align to the Functional Design Phase, Technical Design, the Construction and Testing aligns to the Build and Testing Phase, and finally the Implement and Deliver aligns to the Deployment Phase.


  • Scalable solution that will support the growth of SBSA Group Operations Technology PRISM project
  • Robust solution
  • Iterative approach has been adopted to o minimiserisk, shorten the delivery cycle to release discreet pieces of functionality, incorporate lessons learnt and refine requirements with each subsequent iteration
  • Reducing cost of ownership and services over time
  • Controllable and predictable cost
  • Value for money services
  • Quicker time to provision new and enhanced services
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced risk