The easiest way to manage team projects and tasks


Are you aware that almost 60% of your team’s time goes into doing things that aren’t actually work ?
Asana is a best in Class Work Management Tool that makes it easier for teams to get work done by Determining Milestones, Dependencies, Collaborating, Sharing Files & reviewing.
Assign tasks select due dates and keep everyone on the same page as you can find the latest and greatest attach to each task.
Discuss work details right where work happens.
With asana, your team can view any project in the way they find most useful they can avoid getting overwhelmed by balancing their workload and removing bottlenecks.
With asana, you can see what everyone is doing and automate processes for the type of work you do most often.
It provides built-in feedback and approvals to keep things moving.
Asana is built to scale across your entire company so anyone can see where things are at and how it all maps back to the company goals.
So get that time back and get the team organized around the work that matters most.

Asana gives you everything you need to stay in sync, hit deadlines, and reach your goals:

​Clarity about who has to do what by when
Full control over deadlines, updates and goals
​Fewer and more effective meetings
​All information in one place – no endless search in umpteen tools
​Achieve faster, higher quality results
What C Ahead will do for you –
1. Guidance on selecting, implementing and using the right Asana plan
2. Adaptation of Asana structures to your individual company processes
3. Onboarding and training of your teams
4. Long-term support for sustainable digital team work

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