Media & Entertainment

Whether it is media on demand or digital distribution, C Ahead is the first choice of media and entertainment giants to perform more efficiently and in different way. From content management and digital asset management to anti-piracy services, we are always ahead to redefine the global services offered to media and entertainment leaders. Our specialized media & entertainment services are designed well and helpful for the companies to exceed our boundaries from traditional technology to digital services, when it comes to reboot the companies with advanced processes and technologies.

  • Process Excellence – Digital processes are supposed to boost productivity, promote time to market and reduce costs. We have the processes which are geared well to introduce flagship distribution channels, support video, and launch flagship business models.
  • Digital Planning – With the help of convergence, there are media & entertainment giants which can easily transform into digital media conglomerates. Our digital environment is supposed to be more responsive for the broadcasters, creators, viewers and advertisers.
  • Monetizing Content – The content lifecycle is supposed to be slimming down and it needs instant monetization. The programmatic and non-intrusive advertisement is supposed to open new sources of revenue for entertainment and media companies.
  • Mobility – Millennial viewers are supposed to use content particularly on their smartphones and tablets. Hence, Media & Entertainment leaders are required to deliver their offerings for advertisers and viewers on small screens.
  • Digital Platforms – For content delivery and management, digital platforms are known to be the important means to enhance business. It is vital for the media houses to provide bespoke platforms for advertisement with which advertisers can easily eloquent their brand presence and success story.
  • Network on Cloud – With the distribution as well as storage of content on the cloud, one can easily enjoy access anytime and anywhere. With cloud, one can easily enjoy liquid media benefits for smooth operations across the chain.

Services: Our services include Analytics, Infrastructure, Digital, Mobility, Security, Applications & Consulting