Enterprise Application Services

We are providing comprehensive Enterprise Application Services so you can implement, design and deploy important processes to ensure optimal success of your business. These services are agile enough to help you meet ever changing demands today and robust in a way to maintain the critical processes of your business and standardized well to provide expected operational costs and leverage scale.

We serve as your consulting partner and we are aimed to ensure proper performance of Enterprise Applications by cutting business disruption and risk. We have years of experience and expertise with our esteemed clients to get the most of Enterprise Applications and to overcome obstacles and meet challenges which can reduce value.


Enterprise Application Security Services

At C Ahead, we are providing efficient enterprise application security solutions to ensure great results and robust approach of security assurance. With the help of our proven methodology throughout the SDLC (Software Development Lifecycle), we ensure security with our proven methodology to ensure more security in application at reduced cost as compared to leveraging security controls when lifecycle ends. Assurance and Assessment are the two major dimensions to structure the methodology.

Our Security Assessment services are helping you through

  • Conducting a complete assessment of application security needs, coding, design and test specifications
  • Assessing security procedures, policies, guidelines and standards
  • Building Office Framework for security program
  • Offering in-depth results and suggestions to address weak areas

Our Basic Approach to Assure Application Security through SDLC consists of

  • Conducting security code assessment
  • Initiating security check processes
  • Defining security needs for development
  • Figuring out the risk factor in the application and data classification associated with it
  • Institutionalizing best security practices in SDLC
  • Penetration testing
  • Security analysis review
  • Giving recommendations to avoid security issues
  • Providing effective guidance to correct security loopholes that are detected
  • Ensuring security after using into production environment