At C Ahead, customer satisfaction is our top priority and the need for having digital presence in the market is felt severely by both Business and IT. This way, both QA and Testing are important business function. Our testing services are known to provide improvements in cost reduction, quality and more efficient operational processes to help your business gain quality performance. Our scope for testing services stretches from planned to tactical.


Our Testing Services –

Testing Automation – It includes robust set of assets and tools to support the whole spectrum of automation-based testing services.

Testing Assessment & Planning – This way, we provide end-to-end quality assessment and testing services to our clients, from strategy making to end recommendations.

Excellence Testing – We cover and provide “Testing Excellence” for clients in specific business units as well as enterprise level

Testing Performance – It includes a huge range of tactical and strategic services to conduct performance test.

We have developed our unique Test COE to make frameworks which promote and standardize testing. Here’s what you can achieve with our Test COE –

  • 30% Less QA costs
  • Around 30% more time to market
  • Up to 98% accuracy and defect removal

Our TCoEs Cover –

  • DevOps Testing
  • Mobile Testing
  • Digital QA Testing
  • Test Automation Solutions
  • Managed Testing
  • Server and SOA Virtualization
  • Legacy Testing