Social Media

  • Social influencer identification and using social CRM automated segments
  • Individual view of consolidation of customers between contact points, advanced intent profiling, predictive behavioral approaches and personalized delivery
  • Multilingual social listening, social marketing, and real-time response management solutions.


  • Boosting app performance, integrating Proximity/Payment functions, promotion based on analytics.
  • Connected mobile apps integration and development for internal use or sales as well as customized segment-wise builds.

Infrastructure & Process Optimization

  • Multi-cloud solutions, Solutions for driving business level agreements, and single control of infrastructure
  • Automated reporting
  • Analytics data services hub for content customization derived by several cloud data managements to customize information for the customers
  • Consulting business process, business support services and outsourcing process automation services.


  • Advanced audience segmentation, digital enhancers of customer journey, automated insights on data and event signals, and automated target promotions
  • Direct-to-customer commerce platforms, customized content marketplace, facilitated payments and ecommerce, and recommendation engines