Business Resilience

Financial services companies need to improvise their service flexibility due to constant changing technologies, customer activism, cyber attacks, terrorist attacks, regulatory changes, and natural disasters like tsunami. We are providing an end-to-end Business Resilience services to address and prioritize the services from a regulatory and customer perspective. We also focus on simplifying business processes and building controls required to mitigate risks due to critical factors.

Our Disaster Recovery/Resiliency and Business Continuity Planning services are known to address various critical factors so we can ensure customer delight and 99.99% uptime, throughout the business process and corporate culture, with transparency and accountability to work effectively in alignment with corporate risk. This way, we can serve you in:

  • IT Systems/Technology
  • IT and Business Practices
  • Governance and People Capability
  • IT Components & Infrastructure

Our structured approach and industry-specific solutions are designed to serve beyond conventional disaster recovery practices and to ensure quick operational resilience. This way, we are providing the following long-term benefits:

  • Capability to meet the regulatory needs of the industry
  • Risk management to provide business service
  • Lowered duplication and repetitive processes
  • Lowered disruptions and incidents faced by customers because of hands-on alerts, monitoring, and remediation
  • Reduced cost with IT and process simplification
  • Efficient control to avoid system risks
  • Aligning IT services and cutting-edge outlook in business services