Industrial Manufacturing

When it comes to Industrial Manufacturing, C Ahead is providing huge range of services related to manufacturing chain to:

  • Cut the cost of building and running your enterprise systems across the making value chain
  • Connect with you and further develop quality production, engineering and enterprise technology solutions quickly
  • Help you gain knowledge to promote your supply chain
  • Help drive organizational change initiatives and achieve business-IT alliance


  • Consumer Durables
  • Heavy and Commercial Construction Equipment
  • Escalators, Elevators, and Transportation Systems
  • Power Systems – Automation, Industrial Components and Control Products
  • HVAC and Refrigeration

Areas of Operation

  • Business Application Services – Cyber Security Consulting, Connected Enterprise Solutions, Enterprise Security, Enterprise Architecture and services, SAP, Oracle & Emerging Technologies, and Enterprise Testing
  • Consulting Services – Enterprise Architecture, Process Excellence, Accounting/Finance, Value Chain Management, HR/Organizational Change Management, Risk & Compliance, and Governance
  • Global Infrastructure Services – Business Consulting and Advisory, Business Service Management, IT Infrastructure Engineering Solutions, and Data Center Services
  • Information and Analytics Management