At C Ahead, our business section of Telecom Solutions and Services provide large data and voice networks and telecommunication solutions. We are partnered with leading telecom and networking equipment operators and providers. We are presenting world-class telecommunication project management solutions to most of the telecom companies and operators. Services are offered in all the major geographical regions of the country with strong focus on respecting strict deadlines and service levels as well as quality of service provided.

  • Reduced time to market with readily available proprietary frameworks, best solution accelerators and platform services.
  • Enhanced product innovation by using our CoEs.
  • Enhanced ability to stay ahead in next-gen communications industry.
  • Optimised cost of operation with service bundling, right sourcing and landscape rationalization.
  • Realising great customer delight with our effective capabilities of process transformation.

We are offering the following solutions:

  1. System integration, management and deployment of network elements and solutions.
  2. Engineering solutions to develop futuristic telecom and network products across edge, access and core networks
  3. Accelerators, technology frameworks, strategic partnerships and centers of excellence
  4. Enhancing product life through support and engineering ownership for great products

Area Of Focus:

  • Telco Analytics
  • Telco Cloud
  • Platform Re-Engineering
  • Vertical Market Applications
  • L2/L3 Technology
  • Certification Testing & Test Automation
  • Product variants for leading countries
  • Sustenance Factory and Maintenance