Intense competition, globalized and complex supply networks as well as large number of eco-conscious buyers are the driving forces behind the growth of manufacturing industry.

At C Ahead, we are have supply chain reengineering, localized product engineering, and technology consulting to improve competitiveness in your service. We are here to assist our clients realize great value in ERP based engagements with proven delivery mode and best practices.

  • Enhanced Product Development: Rapidly changing technologies as well as short product lifecycles are the main reasons behind the short product development time. Our engineering solutions and product lifecycle are helpful to manage data and build a component from the concept to sample stage quickly.
  • Supply Chain Management: We are offering best solutions to cut down the issues in supply chain network by leveraging procurement, resolving inventory issues, promoting product development and order fulfillment by using effective logistics.
  • Smart Manufacturing: We are known to transform the standard manufacturing processes into digitally executed and demand based operations. Some of our solutions include enhancing visibility with global operations management and manufacturing abilities in shop floor using integrated planning.
  • Sustainability Management: We are offering a unique range of energy management and sustainability applications with which you can track consumption in real time, perform utilization of higher assets and predict the patterns of power consumption.
  • Service Lifecycle Management: With our service lifecycle management, you can easily power up your after-market services by increasing revenues and controlling cost in areas of field-service, warranty, base management and spare parts.

Areas Covered

  • Automotive
  • Defence & Aerospace
  • Process manufacturing
  • Industrial manufacturing
  • Peripherals & Consumer Electronics
  • Semiconductor, Computing & Storage
  • Hi-tech