Global IT consulting firm C Ahead Digital to provide free COVID 19 vaccines to its employees

Sandeep Sekhar, Chairman and Global CEO of C Ahead Digital to provide employees with free Covid vaccination as part of the employee health initiative. READ MORE

Importance Of Cloud Solutions In The E-Commerce Sector

Sandeep Sekhar, Chairman and Global CEO of C Ahead Technologies, shares the importance of cloud solutions in the e-commerce sector and how it will change the landscape. READ MORE

Digital Transformation benefits to organizations in a post-covid world

Sandeep Sekhar, Chairman and Global CEO of C Ahead Technologies, pens his thoughts on how digital transformation benefits organizations in a post-covid era. READ MORE

Budget 2021: Here’s what the Indian startup ecosystem is hoping for

Offer premiums to boost the much-needed innovation in the IT sector – Sandeep Sekhar, Chairman and Global CEO, C Ahead Digital. READ MORE

Role Of the IT Sector In Transforming India To a Digitally Enabled Country

India has been gradually adopting digital services in the last five years, but it took the fear unleashed by COVID-19 for its masses to go digital ‘fast and furiously’. READ MORE

Growth of IT sector in post pandemic India: How it will contribute more to the nation’s GDP?

In post pandemic India, for businesses to navigate their recovery and growth, every organisation (small or big) must follow a suitable digital transformation journey and opt for applicable digitally advance business strategies like e-commerce, lean tech stack, real time analytics, ERP & CRM implementation, cloud computing, etc. Thus, the IT sector is poised to play a vital role in the growth in country’s GDP. READ MORE

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Data Scientist, Security specialist, Cloud, Automation and AI will be the focus in 2021: Chairman & Global CEO, C Ahead Digital

“The IT Industry went through a massive shift and acted as savior for many industries given its ability to flexibly get communications and business running through applications, overall the year was growth based for IT and an eye opener for rest to use IT effectively”, says Sandeep Sekhar, Chairman & CEO, C Ahead Digital. Sekhar spoke about the upcoming tech trends and also gave us a preview of the predictions for 2021. Presenting the rapid fire interview below. READ MORE

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