Enterprise Architecture

At C Ahead, we are offering the best in class IT solutions which cover the whole value chain of your business. We will benefit your business with our business-oriented approach and focus towards IT along with aligning IT objectives and projects with overall objectives and goals of your organization.

At C Ahead, we are here to comply with various architectural frameworks to design the best architecture for your enterprise. We use both TOGAF and Zachman Framework to develop and manage responsive, flexible and well-managed architecture.

By using Zachman Framework, we develop the core structure of enterprise using its unique principle based on “transformation” and “primitives & composites” across various perspectives of stakeholders from IT to businesses. With this approach, companies can easily fix their issues with composite diagrams on the go. This way, the company forms “Sustainable and Agile Architecture”. With TOGAF, the process manages the models needed by organizations and delivery of artifacts.


Services Offered

Infrastructure & Application Optimization

This way, we ensure that your infrastructure and application are designed well to give the reliability and agility to you by using core system renewal, IT modernization and cloud technology.

IT Strategy

It is known to plan and align IT plans by making business cases and strategy which enables governance and measurement of IT value.

Our IT Operations

Implementing and designing IT operation models with which you can control and manage IT service cost, quality and speed with bi-modal governance, excellence, and world-class vendor and IT service management.

Technical Architectural Strategy

Our services include making a best technical architectural plan according to the details regarding managing and designing security, infrastructure services and end user computing.

  • BPM and EAI Architectural Design
  • Enterprise Architecture Strategy
  • Enterprise Security Architectural Design
  • End User Computing Architecture
  • Optimizing Data Center
  • Infrastructure Design & Strategy