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Private Banking

There is a proliferation of both external and internal unstructured data which is being leveraged by the movers who are going to use analytics to build intelligence. The transformational changes along with these are forcing banking to adopt a unique strategy which includes both agility and scale.

Our Private Banking solutions at C Ahead are structured well to deliver on the ever rising demands of agility and scale in infrastructure, IT strategy and support. We have offered solutions in –

  • Middle Office Management
  • Front Office Applications
  • Back Office Accounting
  • Back Office Support and Management
  • Logistics and Market Management
  • Asset Servicing

With our advisory services, we help our partners to manage static data and enterprise wide market, complex event processing and corporate actions, exchange connectivity, multi-class trading, algorithm trading, multi-market infrastructure management, dark pool connectivity, internal compliance, settlement engines, regulatory compliance, and risk management.


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