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Insurance industry is willing to face several important changes on different aspects – demand for better service, evolving customer behavior with changing markets because of availability of information, regulatory uncertainty, mobile and online environments which are playing a vital role for businesses in future, and ever growing competition from non-traditional business leaders. C Ahead specializes in Guidewire, Pegasystems, FirstBest and Thunderhead to help clients benefit from world-class technologies to be more competitive in the market. We are here to help insurers including casualty and property, healthcare payer, and life and annuities.

Our Services:

  • Infrastructure
  • Digital Distribution & Customer Experience
  • Platforms & Utilities
  • Risk, Governance and Compliance
  • Finance Transformation
  • Data & Analytics


  • Claims & Settlements
  • Policy Lifecycle Management
  • Sales/Servicing
  • Billing
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Underwriting & Actuarial
  • Distribution Relationship Management


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