Ready to Serve Your Industry
Unlike other ERP systems and business programs which rely heavily on add-on programs and integrations in support of industry-specific processes, Sage X3 consists of features which can be used in a lot of companies in manufacturing, distribution and service. It has flexible technology which promotes easy access and migration to complete solutions, whenever needed.
Manage All Your Corporate Operations
Sage X3 features improved interface and functionality to support all the vital processes with minimal IT investment.

  • Integrates inventory, purchasing, manufacturing, equipment, customer service, sales, finance and accounting.
  • Embedded analysis for in-depth knowledge and insight to your business with faster communication, reporting, and decision making
  • Solution with room to promote business processes, workflow automation, and improved follow-up on all core business areas.

Flexible to Expand When Your Business Grows
With Sage X3, forget all the complexity in managing your global business. It is designed to simplify the process of global trade with contractors, suppliers, customers and partners (multi-currency and multi-language), and manage all the global operations with one attempt (multi-ledger, multi-legislation, multi-currency, multi-site, and multi-company). 

Anything Else You Don’t Know about Sage X3?
Sage X3 supports 15 different programming languages, in either Oracle or SQL database on AIX, Linux, and Windows platforms. Here are the brochures you should know about Sage X3 usage in distribution and logistics, services, manufacturing, and process manufacturing. 

With Sage X3, you can grow bigger, without having to get bigger
Here’s what you should know about Sage X3, such as modules, user interface, functions, and business support to serve in various industries –

  • Distribution:Outlook and Challenges in Fastest Growing Market – Details about the future and hurdles in companies with focusing on distribution and logistics and how Sage X3 program meets such type of needs.
  • Distribution Industry: Product Sheet with Details Regarding Cost Saving, Improved Customer Satisfaction, Turnaround Times, and Promote Cooperation
  • Sage X3 in Process Manufacturing: Facing Global Competition, Modern Process Manufacturers Facing Challenges Daily to Meet Market Needs. Product brochure regarding Sage X3. 
  • Grow quickly with easier, faster, and flexible ERP– Revive profitable growth and increase productivity with easier, faster, and more flexible ERP.
  • ERP & Process Manufacturing: Global Customer Info – Explore what today’s Sage X3 users look at their challenges and how they handle it with Sage X3.
  • Sage X3 – Enterprise Intelligence – It is really an innovative intelligence business solution which is integrated with business software.
  • Sage X3 – Top 7 Upgrades – Improvements and News in latest Sage X3 versions.
  • Pros of Mobile ERP in Manufacturing Process – 5 Pros of Mobile ERP in manufacturing.
  • Workplace Mobility Support with ERP – For quick and secure access for medium sized business to real-time information through mobile devices.