Web Strategy & Enablement Services

Web Strategy & Enablement Services


The client, Strate, is a licensed Central Securities Depository (CSD) for the electronic settlement of financial instruments in South Africa. Strate’s core purpose is to mitigate risk, bring efficiencies to the South African financial markets and improve its profile as an investment destination. Strate is aligned to international best practices and continually strives to ensure operational excellence and provide enhancements for the good of the Southern African financial markets.

Business Challenge

Being in the financial services market, the client was keen to improve its client acquisition, business reputation and operations management. It had invested heavily into people resources and applications but was not happy with the results. It wanted more visibility, brand building and customer requests which was not adequate from traditional channels. It wanted to integrate its website as part of the core marketing function. It needed a multi-track approach to the generation of qualified traffic and the generation of leads.

Project Highlights

C Ahead introduced a new thinking pattern in terms of Website strategy and implemented it to successful completion. We brought the focus on generating traffic through organic searches, blogs and brand building, SEO, E-commerce etc as part of our analysis and recommendation. The next part was the implementation which included

  • Website Development and Design
  • Content Strategy
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Statistics and Website Visitor Tracking
  • Offline Marketing Tools


  • 3.5 months after launch, the client compared it’s daily leads reports, generated by the website, and found that 40% of all current sales pipeline, new prospective customers had been classified as a new business opportunity from the website
  • 40% of their current customer growth prospects had further researched additional products/services on the website.
  • The company realized a ROI within 6 months and could expand its product offerings to newer markets

Learnings – These are some important findings

  • Lead generation through website can be a very powerful tool of marketing
  • Analysis of business practices and using measurement tools can bring value
  • Too many critics involved such projects can delay results
  • It is not people but spiders who crawl the websites who are important for its success