Digital Service Offering

Digital Strategy and Advisory Services

CAhead infuses its global proficiency with technological expertise in providing world-class digital strategy and advisory services to its clients. Our objective is to maximize and revolutionize the user experience across all the available online channels, which in turn will help him to visualize its business at a global arena. We offer you:-

  • Incredible digital strategy that help you innovate ideas, processes, techniques etc.
  • Reviewing trends and graphs in order to set benchmarks
  • Competitive analysis, benchmarking and effective audit practices
  • Influential and prompt visualization workshops

Digital Marketing and Analytics

Digital marketing helps you accentuate your brand and influence your target customers towards it. In today’s era, it is one of the most effective ways of promoting your products and services. CAhead proficiently uses its top-notch marketing analytics tools i.e. Web Trends, Omniture, Hit Box and Core Metrics to build influential digital marketing solutions. In addition, our customer experience marketing solutions and metrics measurement are extremely effective for online marketing i.e. through web, mobiles or social media network.

Digital Production and Support

C Ahead offers excellent production solutions that aid in divesting your existing web-maintenance and support activities. It will widely enhance productivity, optimize revenues and mitigate operational cost of production.

We offer the following:-

  • Effective production support for promotional assets like images, banners etc.
  • Front-end programming and HTML support
  • Digital channel management support in addition to content updates
  • Advising ways to implement policies for creating and re-utilizing digital assets

Multi channel experience design

Our multi channel experience design solutions offer an array of creative services that include portal design, site refresh and enhancement programs that work on KPI led analysis. We understand the effectiveness of digital channels and their influential impact on customers, projections, partners and competitors. It makes us your right choice, so partner with us to avail the following:-

  • Channel designing and refreshing services
  • Channel extensions and responsive web design
  • Multiple stakeholder portal projects
  • Compliance and accessibility

User experience design for enterprise applications

We believe that user experience design is pivotal for any application to gain recognition and it requires skilled resources and standardized technology. CAhead has moved a step ahead by introducing user experience design in dual form i.e. both standalone service as well as a resource that can potentially enhance the stock of existing designs with new and innovative design.

  • We help you use our design solutions and skills to leverage your organization’s pool of effective practices, processes and templates.
  • Our process-centered design approach can exquisitely align business processes with organization’s application workflow. This approach plays an important role in designing software user interfaces and enterprise products like Seibel CRM, PEGA and PeopleSoft, which focus on better productivity and ease of use.