Mobility Testing

Globally, Mobility is gradually establishing a paradigm as a next generation business for many enterprises. It has no more been limited to apps/information portals but has evolved as a source of primary business in important domains like retail, manufacturing, telecom, banking, insurance, healthcare, and many others. The extensive use of mobility has led to its rapid proliferation of devices used for solving compatibility and compliance issues. It is now developing as a critical function for vendors who continuously seek for solutions to reduce the cost, effort, and cycle time and subsequently increase the productivity by.

  • End-to-end mobility testing that includes back-end services and mobile applications.
  • The compliance of application and Increasing coverage of operation systems and devices
  • The functionality of latest versions of operating systems and leading devices.
  • Unique user experience provided by applications.
  • Use of applications in different real world scenarios


Our Services

Functional Testing – For mobile testing programs, proliferations of platforms and device form factors has always been a crucial factor and a major challenge, but our in-depth expertise in mobility and networking, along with exploratory testing enables our end users to get solutions before even facing any glitches. We make sure to utilize our mobility testing experience and SMART framework strategy testing to guarantee quality products in leading operating systems and popular devices.

Automation Services – Our automation motto is “Any Application, Any Tool, Any Vendor, and Any Platform” and we believe that our experience in Mobility Testing Automation has provided a platform for approachable and flexible Automation mobility solutions including platform and tool agnostic automation approaches. Our partnership with important automation tool vendors and frantic automation approach utilizes reusable components and keyword-driven framework, ensuring cost effectiveness and faster testing.

Deployment Readiness Testing – We are aware of the fact that several mobile networks, multiple applications, and mobile user services not only expand over a wide range of area but also affect the network conditions and quality of customer service. Despite that, we ensure our customers an outstanding experience of optimally performing mobile applications under various network conditions, mainly by focusing on regular performance testing and catering to the requirements of our users.

Usability Testing – We work hard and thrive for user friendliness of our mobile applications. Our Mobility testing team and its user experience make sure to adhere to all the application store guidelines and facilitate our users by improving their user experience with time.