DevOps is an approach of improving operational and development activities through automation, structured processes and collaboration. It strengthens the process between development and operations teams to ensure their efficiency. At C Ahead, we are offering integrated solution to meet diverse concerns, by syncing across various important aspects – process, people and technology. It consists of technological innovation to ensure no-touch automation apart from process and people transformation. At C Ahead, we are aimed to help you improve speed, DevOps adoption, reliability and quality of programs.

C Ahead is known to have robust pool of professionals and consultants committed to help our clients scale up the DevOps in their business.

Consulting Services –

  • Roadmap creation and transformation
  • Readiness assessment
  • DevOps process consultation

We help our clients with –

  • Consistent delivery setup
  • Organization change management
  • Execution of DevOps projects
  • Tools/Products Implementation & Evaluation
  • Organizational change management

Other Services Include –

  • Test data management
  • Environment automation
  • Configuration automation
  • Test automation
  • Fastest turnaround time
  • Quick integration
  • Test/development tool and SCM automation
  • Service virtualization