Open Source Services

Adopting open source technology is the emerging trend in international market these days. Companies are looking forward to cut costs and stand out by appearing different in the market worldwide. In addition, since customers are looking for Cloud-based environment in modern world, there are open source Cloud platforms like Cloudstack and Openstack rose to prominence. For open source adoption, some of the key performance indicators are open standards, improved flexibility, Next Gen ecosystem readiness, competitive edge, ecosystem compliance, ever growing technology, and reduced cost of ownership.

At C Ahead, we have in-house Open Source Practice team to provide enterprise-specific Open Source services in diverse areas OS Replatforming, Open Source Cloud Services, software defined storage, PostgreSQL DB, and virtualization. This way, we are offering great SI experience to the end users by leveraging open source solutions that are powered by robust OEM ecosystem, such as Enterprise DB, RedHat, Suse, Puppet, Nexenta, Mirantis, CHEF, and UShareSoft.

  • Extensive knowledge and experience in replatforming for several MNCs from UNIX to Linux.
  • Decades of experience in SI on leveraging Open source and Linux platform for clients worldwide.
  • Dedicated and experienced teams including service engineers and consultants, in all levels.
  • Best open-source partner alignment in all technology areas
  • Experienced and skilled workforce in fine-tuning and implementing open-source solutions, including Software Defined Storage, Linux, and Open-source DB to Cloudstack and OpenStack solutions.
  • Our key services offered are Consulting, Subscription, Integration, and Managed Services.
  • Our open source practice is conducted in fully functional and well equipped CoE Lab located in Bangalore. Here, one can visit client representatives to demonstrate the Opensource solution stack.


We are offering the following Opensource services


We conduct re-platforming from UNIX to Linux efficiently in multinational companies.

Cloud Solutions

Our Opensource Cloud model in C Ahead is basically a cloud computing solution which is aimed to cater to the enterprise requirement relating to its hybrid model by deploying both private and public Cloud.


We conduct successful and efficient migration of VMWare ESX/Hyper-V platform to Open Source Virtualization services with SLES and RHEV in enterprises in phased way with coexistence of several hypervisors.

Database Migration

Our open source practices consist of well-defined framework and process to the end users to conduct migration of data from proprietary database to Wipro’s developed tools/Open-source DB using open-source tool/scripts to assess the DB landscape and provide blueprint to highlight the potential DB migration without risk in efficient way with the help of post migration support to provide consistent improvement and business agility.

  • Transformation based on Demand/Supply Predictability
  • Due Diligence & DB Landscape Assessment
  • Leveraging Standard Migration Process & Ensuring Transparency
  • Best archive database/service Infrastructure Robustness
  • Migrating work to Open-source database and transforming DB landscape

Backup/Storage & Archival

With the help of Software Defined Storage (SDS) solutions, clients can easily convert storage infrastructure to cloud ready infrastructure and software defined. SDS is known to improve agility, flexibility and reduce IT infrastructure cost dramatically for the clients.

  • Dedicated and experienced team of consultants and service engineer
  • Implementing Software Defined Storage successfully for the clients in large companies.
  • Skilled workforce with decades of experience in Open-source solutions