Service Integration & Management

CAhead’s core system integration and management team have researched, analyzed and concluded that every enterprise who works in a multi-sourcing environment needs to manage its service operations on regular basis. Thus, it requires a continuous Service Integration and Management framework that can make this possible in a seamless and well-integrated manner.

An efficient SIAM framework can prove its efficacy in following ways:

  • It can help you acquire business aligned IT services.
  • It guides ways of implementing abridged, certified and integrated process & tools in alliance with Industry’s best methodologies.
  • It augments an enterprise’s IT performance and usability by 20-30%
  • It helps in availing 15-20% of labour-productivity benefits and saving operational costs.

We provide you an enabled framework that encompasses key features of service integration that act as its main source to simplify provisioning of IT services at different work streams within the organization. Be it allocation of demands or value delivery to suppliers, these features help in strengthening the supplier relationship of the organization. These systematic integration and management of business processes help in sharing business know-how, achieving corporate governance and bonding with suppliers.

We help you use this integration framework to formulate your system integration capabilities through our well-designed 3-step method:


  • In order to ascertain an enterprise’s capabilities and potential create and use a questionnaire that contains all the relevant questions.
  • Assess profile capabilities on a maturity scale
  • Enable these capabilities for an effective and healthy integration


  • Set up a plan or a framework for integration
  • Assess, recognize and thereby, integrate services
  • Circumscribe an effective target operating model
  • Formulate reliable tools & processes


  • Create change champion network
  • Find out ways to install processes and tools for working operations in an organization
  • Define and set-up Edge to Edge SLAs
  • Scrutinize, quantify and supervise SLAs/KPIs