Well established companies use real time analytics to manage their routine processes according to their dynamic analytics technology. With the help of large volumes of external and internal data properly, it can help you enjoy various amazing company benefits and improved predictability for businesses. Proper use of big data will enhance a lot of new offerings in the market along with external and internal business drivers, better analytics of operations, customer behavior and opinions.

At C Ahead, we are offering best possible services with our process, industry and technical expertise, to transform big data into important business decisions, teaming up with top application providers like Oracle, SAP and Tableau. We are known to have dedicated practice based on Data Science & Big Data platforms with robust team of specialists who are engaged in proprietary and open source platforms. We have 16 years of experience in implementation in several complex database environments with up to 1000+ peta-byte scale data and node clusters in production.

We are offering pre-packed frameworks and tools for dedicated labs that are hosting Hadoop clusters, technology evaluations, data appliances, and in-memory computing to let our clients get the most of Proof of Concepts. We are also offering accelerators and industry solutions on Big Data platforms.

We have been enhancing and consistently building several value-added services and solutions across Big Data platforms, including –

  • Monitoring and Operating Big Data Platforms
  • Architecture & Business Consulting
  • Big Data Solution Engineering
  • Analytics and Data Discovery Solutions
  • Enterprise Transformations

We focus on the following Specific Use Cases to ensure Big Data Implementations

Social Media Analytics

It is based on link analysis or social media analysis by combining the feedback for Sentiments, Campaign Analysis, Influential buying, and New Products etc.

Machine Data Analytics and Device Data Analytics

It covers error predictions and predictive event sequence analysis. Clusters of device models and types working together at their best are made well to reveal the patterns. We offer the intelligence as per the trends, monitoring and device usage optimization and analyze failure rates and device usage for product improvement and recommendation.

Measuring Network Optimization & Performance

This solution is based on determining the huge amount of tower generated data to enhance network performance by telecom cell phone towers and determining the bandwidth needs. Telecom companies can then use this data to determine signal strength on call, network health, allocate bandwidth according to traffic, drop call, monitor network usage, regional distribution and even more.

Analytics for Surveillance and Fraud

This solution is based on detecting fake attempts to open transactions, accounts, policies, or lines of credit, and to spot fraud crimes faster. The main aim is to detect and analyze potential fiscal crimes, fraud attempts, accurately and quickly with complete view on internal and external data, along with transaction-level detail. It is based on detecting early changes and crime rings in financial crime/fraud patterns with adaptive models, link analysis and blurry matching techniques.

Big Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics is known to be an emerging key enabler when it comes to help companies achieve it. It is very important to understand customers’ preferences, behaviors and needs to create a great customer value proposition, along with service/product lifecycle and linking them with past behavior and constant operational transactions. At C Ahead, we are here to help you influence customer data on preferences, purchase patterns, wish lists, feedback, enquiries etc. to generate insights of customers in real time.

Here’s how our Big Data Analytics will serve you –

  • Improve customer retention
  • Ensure smooth customer experience across channels, products and lifecycle
  • Improve productivity with enhanced customer targeting through up/cross sell
  • Develop new products
  • Introduce successful loyalty programs
  • Improve customer lifetime value

With our Big Data Analytics, we put into practice processes, data, visualizations and analytics tools coherently by ensuring faster time to insights and enhancing reliability and quality of insights through self-learning and exploratory models. We are here to help you improve business results using data based decisions.

Here’s what we are offering –

  • Analytics based on Data Discovery and exploratory approaches
  • Cloud-based Analytics and Integrated Data platform
  • Builds on machine learning system which determines the behavioral part of decision making
  • Real-time analytical details and prescriptive/predictive models to ensure better decision making

The basic core concept of services is using data events which generate semantic details based on patterns/rules to identify the cases of significance. The data layer drives this platform.

Here is the sequential information about Big Data Analytics –

  • Along with internal data sources, the platform works pretty well with the sources of external data to design and build proactive offers and tailored communications
  • We have Decision Management Hub which understands huge volume of data and real time data streams. We map these insights to build and identify unique customer experiences.
  • By developing communication strategies and targeted campaigns to engage your customers, we are here to help you know the best channel to access them through direct call, email, mobile SMS etc. The streamlined and automated workflow to execute such actions using digital marketing platforms is known to be an important feature in this platform.

Industry-Specific Use Cases

  • Actionable Insights for CPG & Retail – It is a complete set of analytical applications for the retailers based on real-time offerings, multi-channel marketing or new entry in the market. The solution is providing various unique features like actionable details on lead generation with data from other sources and CRM data (with persona technique) and attrition drivers with the help of open source data.
  • Actionable Insights in Financial Services (Applicable for Retail Banking and Insurance wealth Management) – This solution covers several fiscal data domains which are offering components on data management, data integration and several analytical applications (rules, models, dashboards and KPI) in areas like segmentation, customer retention, voice analytic, risk analysis, up sell/cross sell, and pricing. It cuts time to market and customer centricity.