Master Data Management

Master Data is shared business data about suppliers, products and customers in an enterprise which is helpful in analytical and transactional operations. With the help of Accurate Master Data, you can easily boost the cycles for product introduction, ability to up sell/cross cell, and take control of regulatory compliance in vendor listing and customer privacy. It provides seamless experience across brands, channels and functions. With the help of Master Data Management, it puts into practice processes, tools, and controls to cut down chances of errors and improve data quality and usability and Master Data reliability.

C Ahead is offering end-to-end Master Data Management solutions to deal with MDM requirements of every critical industry and master data.


Our MDM Service

  • Implementing COTS products
  • Undertaking Sustenance Programs
  • Implementing COTS Products
  • Developing data platform to deal with transformation initiative
  • Making data governance framework

Our MDM portfolio consists of implementation, advisory and operation management. From business-oriented perspective, we are addressing three challenges of business with MDM to offer –

  • Enterprise-based MDM – It improves organizational consistency and efficiency in your organization
  • Supply-based MDM – It cuts down the cost in supply chain
  • Customer-oriented MDM – It helps improve customer interaction and satisfaction, and revenue as well.

Our MDM is beneficial in both operational and analytical spaces. Our Insights & Data model and Business Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) approach to MDM is helpful to provide services which promote business growth in both analytical and real time environments. With our long-term SOA leadership and our technology partners, we are here to ensure not just improving information but also delivering great benefits with enterprise operations.