Application Security

C Ahead offers promising Application Security services that target on eradicating the emerging cyber threats and hazards having disastrous effect on the organization’s business applications. The idea is to build a standard lifecycle management and security testing processes, which timely help you in evaluating security areas of your business applications and thereby, prepare you to improve them. Our first-class preventive and technologically equipped methods are extremely helpful in securing your current as well as future assets from all kind of IT risks.

It includes the following services:-

  • Application Security Testing: Our Application Security testing services showcase uniqueness, reliability and promise.
  • Open Source Software Analysis: This service ensures effective OSS management as well as mitigation of growing security risks.
  • Web Application Firewall: This preventive service ensures compliant protection against different attacks or threats on the applications.
  • Distributed Denial of Service Protection (DDOS): It is one of the most evolutionary as well as effective service that secure business applications from the disruptions originated by DDoS attacks.