Cyber Security

Cyber operating model is one of the prominent priorities of any organization and it is essential to adopt a model that serves the purpose i.e. provides best as well as comprehensive cyber security. C Ahead offers you its top-notch cyber security consulting services that is risk-assessing, dynamic as well as efficiently proactive.

We render best services and effective solution frameworks that can guide organizations on following cyber security aspects:-

  • Ascertain the organization’s most valuable business assets that are prone to cyber risks and then, evaluate its risk appetite in order to decide on its best cyber security solution framework.
  • Evaluate the organization’s current cyber security maturity levels in order to quantify cyber risk in appropriate currency.
  • Make note of organization’s vulnerability in terms of security as it will help in designing an effective cyber remedy program.
  • Build an ideal cyber insurability profile which will effectively mitigate the effects of inevitable cyber risks.
  • Create as well as implement active cyber security roadmaps and guidelines.
  • Hand over the wisely managed ‘Cyber Security’ Service and protect company’s valuable assets.

C Ahead is proud to have adroit consultants, who have thorough technical knowledge and rich experience in efficiently handling such cyber threats. Their experience in different business verticals and their working with international clients equip them in smoothly facing latest cyber security challenges.


Our Consulting and Advisory services offer:

Cyber Risk Assessment and Quantification

  • Identifying the possible cyber risks and quantifying their effects on company’s valuable business assets. Prioritizing these critical business assets or processes in accordance to risks associated or exposed to them.
  • Profiling the cyber threats for crown-jewel business assets
  • Evaluating the cyber security maturity levels at and across primary security domains, which also includes ranking the gravity of risks, which will consequently help in identifying the vulnerabilities in existing key security domains of the organizations and thereby, help in taking the required actions for improvement.
  • Making requisite and learned cyber security decisions of acknowledging, mitigating or transferring the assessed cyber risk at senior level management after quantifying the cyber security risks or threats.

Cyber Risk Remediation and Transformation

  • Taking relevant transformation measures to change the organization’s current cyber security program for future betterment in the business in terms of continuity, revenues, value-addition etc.
  • Ascertaining effective cyber remediation programs
  • Prioritization of programs on the basis of cyber risks and estimating the requisite investment for the implementation of the program
  • Creating a full-proof cyber security roadmap in order to attain cyber resilience within the organization
  • Effective implementation of next-gen cyber security solutions and pertinent technologies
  • Industry-led Cyber Security Transformation
  • Integrating reviewed and tested cyber risk strategy especially at the stage of business transformation or acquisitions