Microsoft DevOps

DevOps – It is a practice of Optimizing development and operational activities through structured processes, automation, and collaboration. It Synergizes process between operations and development teams to make them more efficient. C Ahead provides an integrated solution to address the various concerns; by syncing across the following key aspects – people, process and technology. It encompasses technology innovation for no-touch automation along with progressive people and process transformation. we help you accelerate DevOps adoption, improve speed, quality and reliability of applications.

We have a strong pool of DevOps consultants and professionals who are committed to help clients scale DevOps in their organization.

Our consulting services include:

  • Client readiness assessment
  • Roadmap definition and transformation
  • DevOps process consulting

We enable clients with:

  • DevOps project execution
  • Tools and products evaluation and implementation
  • Continuous delivery setup
  • Organization change management
  1. Environment automation
  2. Configuration automation
  3. Test data management
  4. Continuous integration
  5. Continuous delivery
  6. Test automation
  7. Service virtualization
  8. SCM and development/test tool automation