Sharepoint Managed Services

The C Ahead SharePoint as a Service solution allows clients to lower the TCO while improving the platform stability & availability with predictable SLAs. We offer a one-stop-shop for all the SharePoint Support needs – communications and collaboration, operations, resource optimization, cost savings, knowledge retention and governance and more. Infosys provides timely responses to user queries and problems through our globally distributed team.

Business Consulting

Our services for Microsoft SharePoint includes business consulting and full enablement of enterprise collaboration and content.

  • Migration planning
  • Usability planning and user interface design
  • Business rules development
  • Content management
  • Infrastructure development
  • Change and program management
  • Legacy application assessment
  • Governance development
  • Training

Enterprise Collaboration and Content

The SharePoint Web Platform Solution allows organizations to rapidly and securely deploy, integrate and manage SharePoint-based intranets, extranets, e-commerce portals and microsites. Through this platform, we can provide:

  • Web publishing services
  • The ability to upload, publish and share video directly from your SharePoint environment
  • SharePoint On-Demand: A one-stop solution for all cloud enablement needs of an organization.

The solution eliminates hardware and associated operating costs, includes fast set-up and the ability to scale up or down as capacity requirements change

Intranet/Internet & Enterprise Portals

  • Intranet: SharePoint is the industry leader for managing intranet Web publishing processes. It brings employees together and facilitates enterprise operations through shared information systems.
  • Internet: SharePoint’s continually expanding capabilities make it a leading content management systems for large scale public Web sites, enabling companies to gain greater control of sprawling Web properties.
  • Extranets: SharePoint provides the security and functionality to open up an organization’s knowledge and processes to partners and customers, creating greater efficiencies and new options for virtual business operations.
  • Enterprise Portals: SharePoint is becoming an increasingly popular means of bringing order to disparate systems through single signâ??in and a unified view of the enterprise.

Solutions for Sharepoint Support :

  • Proven and successful transition methodology with clear distinction of phases, tracks, activities, with entry and exit criteria and well defined variables.
  • Pre-built accelerators, templates and service catalogue along with adherence to best known industry standards (such as ITIL) that set us apart from our competitors
  • An elaborate service catalogue (inclusive of operation checklists), to identify the categories of support needs, activity groups, frequency of occurrence.
  • Robust information handshake protocols to ensure that SharePoint support journey from planning and transition phases to the steady state phase is smooth
  • Service offering stack for L1, L2, L3 and L4 support including Service request, incident, problem management and change management.


  • Automation of repetitive tasks, ingestion of new problems and quick problem resolution with best in class root cause analysis tools and deployment techniques
  • SharePoint Center-of-Excellence (COE) as a foundation for projects, consulting, support, knowledge management, training and governance.