JD Edwards

C Ahead is the ideal partner for implementation and customization of Outbound Inventory module.

Expertise: C Ahead has JD Edwards’ expertise in target industries like paper and pulp, medical devices, food and beverages

Time to Implement: We provide consultants with co-development experience for rapid implementation

This solution supports the business processes for managing goods located at a customer’s site as part of the order to cash process.

Key Features:

  • Holding Damaged/Repairable Inventory
  • Maintain damaged or repairable inventory in a held location
  • Move repaired inventory to customer’s location
  • Inventory in held locations are not available for consumption
  • Return inventory directly from a held location


  • Override price and quantity when creating replenishment orders
  • Approval can be required from the agreement manager for overrides
  • Agreement manager approves or modifies the override

Outbound Availability

  • Keep track of inventory at customer’s location
  • Track on-hand quantity, remaining quantity, and in-transit quantity
  • Track value and age of inventory at customer’s location


Key Benefits

Benefits for Suppliers:

  • Reduced warehouse space resulting in reduced inventory holding costs
  • Reduced lead times to fill outbound inventory orders
  • Real-time outbound inventory consumption resulting in better visibility into inventory movement
  • Reduced inventory holding costs for the customers
  • Secured business with the customer protecting their interests against competitors

Benefits for Customers:

  • Financial resources remain free until agreement terms are met or inventory is consumed
  • Reduced OpEx and CapEx
  • Reduced risk of stock-outs.